Our Story

Olive My Pickle, born in Jacksonville, Florida

Growing up in Israel, I watched and learned as my eastern European grandmother made pickles from the cucumbers we bought together at the local grower's street market. My family enjoyed olives and scratch hummus with almost every meal. My wife Charlotte grew up in California and was raised with the collective community values of supporting local farms and local small business. Sharing the best parts about where we came from with our friends and neighbors is why we started Olive My Pickle.

Our business is farmers-market based and it gives us a lifestyle and livelihood that naturally connects us with you. We hear stories of your travels and of your childhoods– the street market in Sicily where you first discovered those bright green buttery olives... the Jewish deli in Brooklyn with the half sour pickles you loved as a kid... the first time you ate kimchi while stationed in Korea... For us it's about sharing and connecting with our stories as we gather around nourishing, real foods.

As we expand to the online community, we want our website to reflect what's important to us: our community and its food culture and making the conscience choice for health and personal connection. So welcome and THANK YOU, from our family to yours!

Shai and Charlotte