Drink It or Dump It? A  Guide To Healthy Pickle Juice

Drink It or Dump It? A Guide To Healthy Pickle Juice

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Toxic pickle and their brine, is it lurking in your fridge?


Toxic pickles and their brine, are they lurking in your fridge?


Toxic pickles and their brine, are they lurking in your fridge?


When it comes to drinking pickle juice, most people fall into one of two categories in how they see it, which one are you?:

The first type is incredulous that anyone would DO such a thing while reluctantly admitting that yeah, they’d like to try it. Basically, after they get used to the idea, they’re curious.

The second type are those that enthusiastically confirm that pickle juice is in fact amazing to drink, and they confide they’ve been the oddball person in the house that’s been gulping the stuff down for years.

Almost universally, the notion of drinking pickle juice is interesting to people.

However,  the most important thing to know is that not all pickle juice is created equal.

Healthy Pickle Juice

Just like there’s two camps of pickle juice opinions, there’s two kinds of pickle juice: the Drink It kind and the Dump It kind.

You probably can guess that the healthy kind of pickle juice comes from fermented pickles, which contain naturally occurring probiotics. Here’s more on that and the other reasons to opt for the live stuff:

1. Alive versus Dead: 

Fermented pickle brine (just like fermented pickles) contains loads of live, good-guy probiotic bacteria. At Olive My Pickle, we were really curious, so we sent a bunch of our products to a food microbiology lab to undergo ‘lactobacillus count’ testing.

We tested a bunch of variables and the results were surprising! (We wrote a separate blog post all about this, you can read about that in more depth here.)

The bottom line when it comes to brine is that the brine came back with the highest amount of lactobacillus bacteria measured over 14 billion CFUs (colony forming units) per 1.5 ounce (a standard shot glass amount.)

Dump It pickle juice is dead food. It's been pasteurized and contains no benefits of live cultures. 



2. Electrolytes

The second, oft overlooked benefit of consuming probiotic healthy pickle juice is the high electrolyte load contained in the sodium and potassium of high mineral sea salt brine.

Your body loses electrolytes when sweating and the foods you eat replace them. Quite frankly, this subject has enough content for an entirely separate blog post (so look for that soon), just know that healthy pickle juice is very effective in rehydrating your body-- and not just for olympic athletes.

Try drinking a shot of pickle juice after you finish working in the yard and see how much more replenished you feel!

Dump It pickle juice, because it contains sodium, can replenish your body's electrolytes. However, you're also ingesting some other stuff that's just bad news for your system-- read this blog to the end to see why. 



3. The third superpower of “Drink It” pickle juice is the quality of sodium it contains, which comes from high-mineral sea salt.

While many of us have been trained to believe that “all sodium is bad”, the fact is that sodium is an essential nutrient your body needs to properly function.

And just like anything else you eat (sugar, fat, protein, calories)  quality of the sodium is as important to consider as the quantity.

Drink It pickle juice contains high-mineral content sea salt. It is far less processed than iodized table salts.  By contrast, high mineral salt also containing a number of minerals, including zinc, iron and potassium.

By contrast, Dump It pickle juice derives its sodium from cheap, low quality, industrialized vinegars, which are highly acidic and therefore rough on digestive track. 


The #1 Reason to DUMP IT:


Dump It Pickle juice typically contains Yellow 5 (also known as tartrazine or E102.) This stuff is BAD.  Banned in Europe, multiple studies show its adverse health effects.

Yellow 5 is linked to hyperactivity in kids (which is why it remains a mystery to the author why children are given candy containing food dyes during school.)  

Even worse, there are studies showing possible links to cancer. Yellow 5 has been linked to several other health problems, including blurred vision, migraines, fatigue and anxiety.

Search up ‘adverse health effects of Yellow 5’ and read the plentiful documentation for yourself. It’s an important area to study, we recommend it for anyone that eats.


In conclusion:
Drink healthy pickle juice.
Know the difference
Choose the good stuff.

Did you know that eating fermented pickles and drinking the brine is scientifically researched and shown to correlate with better mental health? Read all about it here!

Olive My Pickle

Founded in 2010, Olive My Pickle began as a farmer’s market business in Jacksonville, Florida. Specializing in fermented and probiotic foods, the company’s product line has over 35 varieties of pickles, sauerkraut, kimchi, olives, vegetables and brines that ship nationwide.

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