Follow Your Gut and Just Do It: A Story of Pickles, Pluck and Podcasts

Posted by Charlotte Tzabari on

Back in June I was invited as a featured guest onto Completely Booked-- the new podcast of the Jacksonville City Library.

(If you’re not familiar with podcasts yet… think of them as radio for the 21st century. You can subscribe and listen according to your area of interest… you get extremely specialized content, chosen by you, in real time, from your favorite thought leaders. Podcasts. Are. Amazing.)

Although I’m a huge fan of podcasts (I’m basically listening to one whenever I’m not working) I didn’t actually think I wanted to be on one. Nope, not me. I’m usually pretty happy staying behind the scenes, letting my extrovert husband be the primary face of the business.

But.. 2018’s THEME has been all about breaking out of the old comfort zone.

So as I reread the email MY GUT TOLD ME to jump in and DO IT.

So I signed up.

Of course it was a blast. You can listen for yourself here! The Jacksonville Library played a sweet role in our early days (it was basically Olive My Pickle’s corporate headquarters BEFORE we were Olive My Pickle.)  Listen for yourself.

So the takeaway here? Follow your gut, jump in, go for it, and have fun. I got to talk all about fermented pickles and gut health. Who knows, maybe I’ll even start my own podcast someday soon. ;-)

Click here to learn more about the benefits of fermented pickles for your gut health!


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