The Two Most Important Things to Know About Eating Fermented Foods

The Two Most Important Things to Know About Eating Fermented Foods

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The two most important things to know about eating ferments are that you should eat them consistently, and that you should eat a variety of them.


Daily introduction of outside probiotic foods to your inside 'resident' microbiome is the key.

How much should I eat? Eat a serving size as snacks or with meals every day, three times a day.

Is it possible to eat too much fermented food? Your individual tolerance depends on the current state of your gut and how accustomed to fermented foods you are. Not sure? Start with one serving per day and work your way up. Your body will tell you to back off if you overdo it. Your tolerance for more ferments will grow with time.


Regarding variety, each different kind of fermented vegetable has a unique microbial composition; your microbiome thrives on exposure to this diversity. Also, when you introduce variety and mix it up, it’s a far more interesting way to eat. You’ll be more inclined to stick with your new healthy habit.

When it comes to having the variety of fermented foods you need, Olive My Pickle has you covered. We understand that our community of customers are pursuing fermented foods as a lifelong habit. To be successful, you need choices and options. We’re dedicated to keeping an abundant selection of different fermentskeep reading and get to know the many choices available to you.

Fermented Pickles


Cucumber pickles are a classic favorite. Our Kosher Dill is the #1 most popular, followed closely by The Garlic Pickles.

Sauerkraut with Southwest Chicken Bowl

The Truth About Kraut

Did you know? Kraut is the most versatile of all ferments.

Many people new to ferments think that kraut only belongs on ‘brats and dogs,’ but the truth is that sauerkraut is the easiest of all fermented foods to work into your daily diet. Kraut goes with eggs in the morning, on your salad or in your sandwich at lunch and as a side garnish on any dinner plate. You can sneak a forkful anytime to satisfy your sour and salty cravings.

Our Best Kraut Bundle is the easy button if you’re looking for a variety of proven best sellers. If you’re krautcurious and want to start small, opt for the Carrot + Dill Kraut, its slightly sweet and mild flavor makes it a perfect beginner’s kraut.

Kimchi with Scallops

Getting Real About Kimchi

Kimchi is often what people associate with fermented foods.

What is Kimchi? It’s spicy fermented cabbage, made in the Korean tradition. Traditional Korean Kimchi may contain some kind of fish element– either sauce or oil, which makes it funky, fragrant stuff! Traditional recipes can also carry a very high heat level. Our kimchi varieties at Olive My Pickle do not contain any fish elements (our entire product line is vegan friendly.) As far as heat level, while our kimchi are spicy, we describe their levels as ‘pleasantly warm.’

If you’re brand new to ferments and looking to get started, we recommend opting for kraut and moving into kimchi as a phase 2 item. But if you’re ready to try, give our Classic Kimchi a go and never look back.

Probiotic Olives

Yes, Olives are Probiotic

Olives are probiotic but only the ones that do not contain vinegar and are not pasteurized. Beyond their live culture status there are so many more great things about olives that we wrote about in 10 Benefits of Eating Healthy Olives. With over a dozen varieties to choose from, get started the easy way with our Healthy Olive Bundle. If you want to start simple, go with the Butter Olives, because, like, everyone loves those.

Probiotic Brine (Pickle Juice)

Probiotic Brine

You’ve heard us say to eat ferments three times a day, as snacks or with meals. Doing a brine shot is a fast and easy way to help get that done. There are 14 billion CFUs of lactobacillus in a two ounce serving– that’s the size of a standard shot glass. Head over to our LiveBrine page to discover the many ways to incorporate this probiotic elixir into your day. Fermented Vegetables with Salad


You can ferment anything. We’ve tried just about every vegetable you can think of and our lineup of fermented veggies is the best of the best.

The 2 Most Important Things to Know About Eating Fermented Foods

You have a favorite ferment waiting to be discovered. If you’re looking for the easiest path forward try either our Ultimate Gut Health Bundle or our Best of Olive My Pickle Bundle below.

Shop now to move your gut health journey forward based on the success principles of consistency and variety.



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How to Eat Fermented Foods For Gut Health

How do I eat fermented foods for my gut health?

Our quick guide has the answers. Get 20+ meal ideas, tips, hacks and snacks for your best gut ever.

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