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Become a 904 Pickle Partner.

Are you a 904 local and want to earn FREE pickles? Do you like to create and photograph your healthy meals? Are you a food/lifestyle/health/wellness IG influencer in the 904? Do you have an IG following: are you a health coach, nutritionist, chiropractor, wellness expert, foodie or a healthy mom/dad/student that loves to take pictures of food?

We’d like to use your content that features Olive My Pickle products, and reward you with free products!


How It Works: 

1. You post your picture online

2. We opt whether to share your picture on our Instagram/Facebook feed. 

3. If we do, you get to pick three free products


Types of posts we’re looking for:
  • Food and/or healthy plate posts: your plate should have Olive My Pickle products and (optional) product packages in the background
  • Healthy lifestyle posts that relate to our products/brand and/or gut health
  • Fun, creative posts that may be funny or quirky

Posts we won’t use:
  • Posts that contain directly competitive products (other fermented vegetable products) Other healthy food products that compliment ours are fine to use. 
  • Posts that have language or themes that do not align with our wholesome, fun, inclusive brand
  • Posts that frankly don't look all that great
  • Posts that aren't relevant to us

Details on how it works: 

1. Post your content featuring Olive My Pickle on IG.

2. Write your post for your feed.  Tag @olivemypickle and include hashtag #904picklepartner within your post.

3. If we share your post on our feed, we’ll tag you with a photography credit. We may/may not opt to keep your original post copy, it depends.

4. This program applies to posts we’ll use on the Olive My Pickle feed, it DOES NOT apply to Stories. We will post 100% of appropriate Pickle Partner posts to Stories, and we'll our favorite ones for the feed. 

5. Once we share, we’ll DM you on IG with a one-time-use code, a credit on our website for $23.91, (the amount that buys you three items.) Codes expire in 60 days. (You may purchase more when you order.)

6. You’ll select Local Pickup for you r order at checkout. Pickup at the Pickle Factory OR select to pick up at Riverside Arts Market OR St. Augustine Amphitheatre Farmers Market on Saturday. Orders for the 904 Pickle Program are eligible for pickup only, not for shipment. 

5. Come get your free product and use them for future posts. THANK YOU!

Please DM us on social, or email with any questions. 

Program begins 2/3/2020, any posts shared on our feeds before that date are not eligible for the 904 Pickle Partner program. Updated March 6, 2020.