About Us

Welcome! And thanks for digging deeper.

We're Shai and Charlotte, co-creators here at Olive My Pickle. Together with our team, we’re on a mission to spread awareness about the healing role of fermented food in gut health.

Since we started our business 10 years ago at the farmers market here in Florida, a lot has changed!

For one,  gut health awareness has grown so much.  The health benefits of real, fermented foods are becoming more widely understood. But as people begin to seek out these ‘probiotic pickles’ they realize how hard it is to find real ones!

A handful of hyper-local fermentation companies exist, we're friends with many of them. And we all know about the ONE OPTION of "fermented" pickles available at mass grocery stores (hint: rhymes with Chubbies.)

America has indeed been a fermented food desert... until now.

For over a decade, we've been honing our small batch fermentation skills and today we have over 35 varieties of pickles, kraut, kimchi, olives, veggies and brine available to you. Plus, we deliver nationwide, so access to real, live culture ferments just isn’t an obstacle anymore.

Our customer community? They’re maintaining their Best Gut Ever, while saving time for the one thing that matters most: more screen time.

Just kidding.

It's family of course.

Quality time with family is the most important thing and yes, front door delivery of your fermented food gives you a little more of that.

Thanks for visiting.

Shai & Charlotte Tzabari

Our Core Values

We stay small.

Small isn't a size, it's an attitude. Small means that we stay close to our business as it grows. Small means it doesn't get away from us or go to our heads.

We stay smart.

We're curious. The world is changing and with each new discovery we stay open and ready to learn new things. We want to know our stuff so that we can be a credible source of information.

We stay true.

True means being open and honest in all we do, a standard that applies equally to relationships, business and food. We stay true to ourselves, to our team and to our company.

We stay grateful.

Thanks be for our kids and family. For our excellent team. For the awesome community of customers and fellow local food producers that keep us going strong.

We stay fun.

There’s never a dull moment on the front line of small food. We keep the pickles positive with plenty of music and a dearly held belief that life is a creative adventure.

Our Mission

Our mission at Olive My Pickle is to raise the collective health of our world by spreading awareness about the gut healing role of fermented foods in gut health.

Our Position

Pickle puns aside, here's our why.
It's simple and kinda big.

The Movement to reclaim our health is well underway. Corporate greed has been sucking the literal life out of food at the steepest possible cost to humanity, posterity, our planet and its creatures, but there is good news:

The people are awake and we’re taking back our power.

The leaders of the Movement are the doctors, researchers, functional medicine specialists, nutritionists, film makers and journalists that do the research, author the books and tell the stories.

The knowledge they provide, when applied by you and me translates into true power to transform. Add to that our body’s ability to heal itself and this means we can recover our wellness, our vibrancy and our full human potential.

While on our healing journey, we each become leaders in the Movement: we teach our kids, we share our knowledge with those we love and we continue to optimize our personal health at greater and deeper levels. In doing so we reset the trajectory for future generations.

Simple yet big.

At Olive My Pickle, we play a support role in the Movement.

Fermented foods are universally prescribed by movement leaders as a fundamental part of daily healthful eating. A healing food.

  • As small batch fermenters, our job is to make good, true, straight-forward products.
  • As a company, we want to make these foods accessible and affordable to as many people as possible.
  • As a brand with a voice, we want to start relevant conversations that attract and guide people to understand fermented foods, to eat them daily and love them for life.