Tacos are fast, easy and everyone (ahem, the KIDS) loves them. We keep it simple with only a few key ingredients. 

Corn tortilla are awesome because they're a gluten free option.

Although no one in our house suffers from Celiac disease, we all feel better when we eat less gluten. My wife Charlotte experienced intense chronic lower back aching until she cut out wheat gluten... the ache 100% was gone in 2 days!

I encourage you to eliminate gluten for a few days
to see how much better you may feel.    

This taco prepares quickly because the fish doesn’t require marinating. To make sure your taco comes out picture perfect, preheat your grill until it is very hot. This will ensure that the fish doesn’t stick to the grates of the grill when you are cooking-- avoid that major bummer!


2 Yellowfin Tuna Steaks
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Kosher Salt
8 Corn Tortillas
¼ cup Queso Fresco
½ cup OMP Carrot + Dill Kraut
2 Green Onions, sliced

Rub tuna steaks with olive oil and salt both sides. Sear over high heat on grill until lightly charred and a little pink inside, about 3 minutes on each side.
Remove to plate and add tortillas to grill and cook until warmed, about 3 minutes.
Slice the tuna thin and add to tortillas. Top with queso fresco or feta cheese, carrot + dill kraut and sliced green onions.

My Story: Part 4 

I stood on stage alone, looking out at hundreds of faces looking back at me.

It was completely quiet, everyone was waiting for me to give the keynote speech.

What was I going to say?

Well, I hadn’t exactly sorted that out yet...

I was the newly awarded Small Business Leader of the Year for the Jacksonville’s Chamber of Commerce. I was asked to bring a speech about "transportation and logistics and how it relates to my business.”

As it happened, giving public speeches to hundreds of people was a weekly part my role as the Small Business Leader… kind of ironic since just a few years earlier I didn’t know more than 25 words of English.

I’m also dyslexic, so composing speeches… writing them… reading them… yeah, not exactly in my strong suit. Which is why I was winging it. Years earlier I arrived at JFK airport from Tel Aviv, Israel. I was 20, had a work visa and a loose plan to travel across America. 

My buddy Asher had sold me on the idea of coming to the US. He knew a guy that needed manual laborers to work at roadside stands selling t-shirts at traveling Bike Week motorcycle events.

The work was gritty. 16 hour days of tent set up, t-shirt folding, then cashiering and retail sales to the thousands of bikers that passed through.

Events ran 10-14 days, we’d pack everything up, collect our pay then meet the crew in the next city a month later.

In between was our off time. The real reason I had come to the States.
Asher and I bought a car upon arrival to the US. A 1989 white Plymouth Sundance with 190K miles that we named Berta. She didn’t look like much, but man could we depend on Berta.

Berta took us from Daytona Beach, Florida to Laconia, New Hampshire.

Over to Sturgis, South Dakota then to Laughlin, Nevada. In between, we cross-crossed the United States twice, plus Canada, from Vancouver to Quebec.

We visited every state in the union (besides Alaska and Hawaii) in Berta.

I sold Berta for $500 several years later to a young single mom that told me the car was an answer to her prayers. Part of our purchase agreement was that Berta would keep her name.

I learned English as we traveled. A lot of it came from the bikers and the people I met in my on my way. I’m still learning it today.

. . .

Back to my speech, to the stage. I knew what I was going to say, the story I would tell.

I’ll save that for next time. Until then, peace✌🏽 + pickles 🥒, Shai, the Pickle Guy