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We will select 10 Pickle Eating Contestants to compete on December 1 at Riverside Arts Market in Jacksonville.

1. Read the contest rules and agreement below. 
2. Send an email to and tell us in a few sentences why you'd be a great pick for the contest. 
3. Application period will close Tuesday, November 27 at 5 pm; you will be notified of your selection by Thursday the 29th.

Please: make sure you can attend the event on Saturday December 1 prior to applying. 


1. 10 adults will compete (you must be 18+ in order to compete).

2. At the beginning of the contest, you must place your hands on top of the table. You may use your hands to eat the pickles. 

3. The pickles will be prearranged in bowls. The bowls have all been weighed so that all contestants have the same amount (weight) of pickles. At the end of the contest, the remaining pickles will be weighed. The person who has the lowest weight of remaining pickles will win. 

3. Contestants may eat pickles sitting or standing.

4. The contest will last 4 minutes. The person that eats the most weight in pickles will be the declared the winner. 

5. Pickles still in your mouth when the buzzer goes off will count toward what you ate if they are swallowed within 15 seconds.

6. If you begin eating before the start, you will be disqualified. 

7. If there is a tie, the contestants go to a 2 pickle eat-off to see who can eat them the fastest. Further ties will result in a sudden death eat-off of eating one more pickle in the fastest time.

8. Water will be available to all contestants. 

9. Regurgitation or vomiting during the competition or within 5 minutes after the buzzer goes off will lead to disqualification.

10. Contestants caught trying to illegally dispose of pickles/pickle remains will be


By applying for the Pickle Eating Contest, you agree to the following: 

I am 18 years or older. 

I commit to being at Riverside Arts Market on December 1 from 1:00 to 2:00 pm. 

I consent to being photographed and agree to allow my image and first name to be used on social media or for any other promotional purposes. 

I release and indemnify Olive My Pickle and all promotional partners from liability for
injuries or damages of any kind arising from or in connection with participation in this contest. 

Upon checkin at the event, we will ask you to sign a paper version of this agreement. 
Participation in the contest will not be possible without your signature.