My Story: Part 7

One Saturday at the farmer’s market all that changed. And when it did I realized the craziest thing of all.

A woman came up to me and asked to speak to me. We had a lull in the traffic, so I was able to step away.

“My name’s Marian and I need to tell you something.

I’ve really been suffering. It’s hard to talk about because these are my health issues… and they’re really personal...

...I’ve been dealing with severe digestive problems, Irritable Bowel Syndrome.”

I could tell Marian wasn’t that kind of person that told perfect strangers all about her digestive problems. She seemed really low drama and no nonsense. I leaned in.

“I have Lyme Disease and had an infection, so I went on a round of heavy duty antibiotics.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but the antibiotics completely wiped out my gut flora. I was left with serious gut health problems, its affected my digestion I’ve been living with the pain of this for months.”

Marian continued.

“A few weeks ago I read about how eating fermented foods helps rebuild your gut flora.

I been coming to the market and eating your sauerkraut everyday and I can’t believe it, but my IBS is completely better... I’m feeling so much better. 

It’s like your food healed me.”

Marian gave me a hug.

I stood there hearing that a woman’s life was changed, that her digestive problems were HEALED because of fermented food. And then, my life changed.
. . .
So here’s the big bombshell. Remember when I told you that I learned how to make pickles from my Grandmother, Safta Ester?

Well, as a child I didn’t know that pickling method has the technical name of ‘salt water brine lactic-acid fermentation.’ And I certainly didn’t know that fermentation creates naturally occurring probiotics in its process and they’re considered today to be a functional superfoods.

That’s just how Safta made her pickles.

So that’s it, true story: I didn’t realize I was in the fermented pickle business until I was TWO YEARS into my fermented pickle business.

Everything changed after that.

Charlotte and I began researching and learning everything about fermentation. We became obsessed with gut bacteria, microbiome health and live culture foods.


We realized we had a potential brand on our hands, one that met a real need in the health food world. We changed everything about the direction of our business after that.

We introduced the tagline “Fermented + Probiotic’ and started educating ourselves and our customers about live culture foods and gut health.

Most important, this new realization gave us the reason we needed to really get strategic.

We reduced our farmer’s markets, focused on developing our consumer brand, and today we’ve taken our message online.

In many ways, we count that day as the start of the business we have today. 

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Peace✌🏽 + Pickles🥒, Shai


Start with a pound of dry chickpeas. Soak overnight, rinse and boil. Save the boiling juices as the liquid for your hummus. Hold back whole cooked chickpeas to garnish your hummus when serving. Makes a large batch.

1 cup of ice
1 cup almond milk
1/2 avocado
1/2 banana
about 12 leaves of mint
1 T Chia seeds
1 shot glass size of probiotic pickle juice 

Add in other superfoods (maca powder, cacao nibs, 

Enjoy, and oh--you're microbiome is thanking you!


3 Tips + Hacks For Better Gut Health

1. Choose pickles that are salt water fermented, NOT vinegar pickles.  

2. Fermentation created naturally occurring probiotics, good guy bacteria that aid the gut microbiome. 

3. Eat probiotic-rich foods three times a day, as snacks or with meals, to provide your gut a constant fiber rich supply of live culture food.