Best of Olive My Pickle Gift Bundle - 3 Pack
Best of Olive My Pickle Gift Bundle - 3 Pack
Best of Olive My Pickle Gift Bundle - 3 Pack
Best of Olive My Pickle Gift Bundle - 3 Pack
Best of Olive My Pickle Gift Bundle - 3 Pack
Best of Olive My Pickle Gift Bundle - 3 Pack

Best of Olive My Pickle Gift Bundle - 3 Pack

A perfect gift for the pickle, kraut and olive lover in your life, a trio of tasty of our top three most popular items!

  • The selection is our top selling signature live culture olives: Butter Olives, Kosher Dill Pickles and Carrot + Dill Kraut.
  • Prices do not print on the packing slip. 
  • To leave a note for your gift recipient, please do so in the order’s notes. 


Please tell your gift recipient they are receiving a shipment of food that needs to be refrigerated upon receipt. A “Refrigerate Upon Arrival” sticker will be on the box instructing this. We cannot give refunds for orders that ‘sit out’, thank you for understanding. 

With every shipment, we provide Answers To Your Fermented Questions. Please tell your gift recipient to read these, so they know what to expect and “what’s normal” when receiving a box of fermented foods. We cannot give refunds for orders that are thrown in the garbage because they have melted ice packs (melted ice packs are a predictable occurrence that we address and explain on the enclosed Answers sheet). Thanks for giving the gift of gut health!


Our Pickle Promise

Salt Water Brine

We use a mineral-rich, pure and unrefined Mediterranean sea salt. It is non-iodized and contains no caking agents or added preservatives.

Southeast Sourced

We source most of our vegetables from local farms. That means just 1-2 days between harvest and fermentation; this preserves phytonutrients and creates a more nutritious product.

Contains No Vinegar or Sugar

Pickles containing vinegar or sugar are not lactic-acid fermented and are therefore not a probiotic, gut-healthy pickle. Period. 

Raw & Unpasteurized

Some call it ‘wild fermentation’ because it creates an abundant growth of natural, live probiotics. Pasteurization would kill these live cultures, so we don’t do it.

Ships within 1 to 3 business days

Promotes a healthy gut

Prebiotic & Probiotic

Healthy Gut. Healthy Life.

3 Tips for Eating Ferments

  • Eat ferments three times a day as snacks or with meals, every day. The key is consistent introduction of outside probiotics to your resident microbiome.
  • Consume an abundant variety of different plant-based ferments. Your microbiome thrives on exposure to this diversity.
  • Eat the gut health trifecta of fiber, fat and ferments with every meal. Fiber means plants: eat lots of those. Fat enables your body to more easily absorb the rich minerals and nutrients found in ferments.

How To Enjoy

Eat ferments every day, 3 times a day, as snacks or with meals.


Scramble or fry up 2 - 3 whole eggs in butter, ghee or coconut oil, along with some spinach. Enjoy with kimchi or kraut on the side.


Toss a salad with mixed greens, avocado, veggies, raw seeds and a generous pour of extra virgin olive oil. Top with a serving of kraut along with the brine, no salad dressing necessary.


Pick your protein and saute a large portion (half a plate) of greens - kale, chard or spinach with garlic, coconut oil and sea salt. Pickle on the side.

Frequently Asked

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Not to brag, but people really love us.

Fermented + Probiotic

Real. Raw. Alive.

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How to Eat Fermented Foods For Gut Health

How do I eat fermented foods for my gut health?

Our quick guide has the answers. Get 20+ meal ideas, tips, hacks and snacks for your best gut ever.

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