Probiotic Hot Sauce

Bold, fiery and BRAND NEW!

Our fermented and probiotic hot sauce is here! All three delicious flavors are medium heat healthy hot sauce. Made with all natural ingredients our sugar free hot sauce is sure to satisfy spicy lovers.
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probiotic hot sauce
Illustration of intestinal tracts

Promotes a healthy gut

Illustration of beneficial bacteria

Prebiotic + Probiotic

Salad illustration

Nutrient-dense whole foods

Illustration of heart with heartbeat wave form inside

Bioavailable vitamins and minerals

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The Red Hot Sauce
Single Pack
The Green Hot Sauce
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Single Pack
The Yellow Hot Sauce

Why Are Fermented Foods So Healthy?

Eat fermented foods for a healthy gut.

Salt Water Brine Preserved

The lactic acid fermentation process creates good bacteria in its process called probiotics.

Good Bacteria

Lactobacillus are friendly bacteria that confer many benefits when eaten, especially for the gut microbiome and digestive health.

Microbiome Health

Your microbiome is the colony of resident bacteria that supports many bodily functions. It thrives when you eat prebiotic and probiotic foods like ferments.