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Pitted Castelvetrano "Butter" Olives
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  • Locally Sourced

    We source most of our vegetables from local farms. That means just a day or two between harvest and fermentation. This preserves phytonutrients and creates a more nutritious product.

  • Salt Water Brine

    We use mineral-rich, pure and unrefined Mediterranean sea salt. It’s non-iodized and contains no caking agents or added preservatives.

  • Zero Vinegar or Sugar

    Pickles containing vinegar or sugar are not lactic acid fermented and therefore are not a probiotic, gut-healthy pickle. Period.

  • Illustration of happy beneficial bacteria

    Raw & Unpasteurized

    Some call it ‘wild fermentation’ because it creates an abundant growth of natural, live probiotics. Pasteurization would kill these live cultures, so we don’t do it.

Our Quality Promise


"So good. Pickles for a work snack. Olives for an evening snack. Sauerkraut on vegan meat wraps, no need for condiments, and kimchi pancakes for lunch. And don't forget about drinking the brine. Nothing wasted."

Travis C.


"Great folks to deal with. Excellent products and customer service. Best pickles, olives and kimchi ever!"


"I am not new to fermented vegetables and have tried different brands in the past. These products are the real deal. Pickles, olives, kraut and veggies all taste great! I will definitely be ordering again."

Cheryl B.


"Absolutely delicious. I read an article how fermented foods will help with sugar cravings and that is exactly what it does for me!"

Angelina K.


""I'm gearing up for a gut protocol diet to heal my stomach. My biggest concern was how to integrate enough fermented foods in with variety. Just got my first order and these pickles are amazing. It's good to know that I have some high quality items I can get excited about!"

Jenny B.


"In this day and age where a lot of people eat junk and mess their stomachs up, this is a must. For healthy eaters, it turns into the nectar of the gods. Morning noon and night."

Rex C.


"Quite possibly the best pickles and sauerkraut that I'v ever had in my life. And I'm from New York City, they used to have all the stuff fresh and delicatessens many years ago, this is like the way it used to be."

Kirk B.


"They cleared up my gut problems that my doctors couldn't resolve."

Constance H.

The "new" superfoods.

(Well, not quite new. But definitely super.)

A bowl with an assortment of fresh and pickled vegetables with a smaller bowl of dip in the center

Immune Boosting

The rich lactic acid bacteria in ferments is scientifically validated to support immune system function.


The high prebiotic fiber content in fermented veggies feeds and nourishes the resident microbiome.


Live enzymes in ferments help to digest food, which increases the body’s energy levels.


Made with sea salt rich in minerals potassium and sodium, these electrolytes hydrate the body at a cellular level.

Nutrient Density

Fermentation enhances nutrients through its metabolic process, boosting B vitamin levels especially.


Third party tested & verified to contain billions of colony forming units of lactobacillus per serving.

How to Eat Fermented Foods

It's a lifestyle, not a fad or a phase.

Consistently eating probiotic foods over the course of your life is the key to optimal results. A serving size, 3 times a day is about right.

Mix it up.

Consume an abundant variety of ferments. Each one has a unique microbial profile and your gut thrives on this biodiversity.

Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner. Snacks.

Because 70% of your energy is spent on digestion, when you eat ferments with meals, their enzymes aid this process. The result is more energy for you.

Not to brag, but people really love us.


How long has Olive My Pickle been around?

Since 2010, we’ve been selling pickles, olives and kraut, bulk-style out of barrels at local farmer’s market here in Florida. For several years we were exclusively a Saturday farmers market business. 

Around 2018 we decided to get serious about ecommerce, and spent the next couple years making every mistake imaginable in that regard. 

When the world changed in 2020, we were well positioned to meet the overnight increased demand for all-things-online, which included fermented foods. We haven’t looked back since.  

How’d you get started in the pickle business?

Told by our co-founder Shai, “I grew up in Israel making pickles in my grandmother’s kitchen. Years later, living in the US and homesick, I made my first batch of pickles to reconnect with the smells and tastes of home. That was the start."

To read the full story of our early days, read the article How Olive My Pickle Came to Be.”

How’d you come up with the name Olive My Pickle?

Told by Charlotte, co-founder: “I’ve always understood that OMP exists as a personality with desires and that it wants to be expressed in the world. The name? I can’t take credit for coming up with it. The name was whispered into my imagination when Olive My Pickle introduced itself to me for the first time.”

Why do you do this?

In widespread health and wellness culture, the movement to reclaim our health is well underway.

Although corporate greed has been sucking the literal life out of food at the steepest possible cost to humanity, posterity, our planet and its creatures, there is hope: The people are awake and we're taking back our power.

The leaders of the movement are the doctors, researchers, functional medicine specialists, nutritionists, dietitians and journalists that do the research, author the books and gather the communities to address the health crisis in our country.

The knowledge they provide, when applied by you and me translates into true power to transform. Add to that our body’s ability to heal itself and this means we can recover our wellness, our vibrancy and our full human potential.

We each become leaders in the movement while on our own healing journeys. We teach our kids, we share our knowledge with those we love and we continue to optimize our personal health at greater and deeper levels. In doing so we reset the health trajectory for future generations.

What’s Olive My Pickle’s role?

Ours is a support role. Fermented foods are universally prescribed by health movement leaders as a fundamental part of daily healthful eating. A food that heals.

  • As small batch fermenters, our job is to make good, true, straight-forward products.
  • As a company, we want to make these foods accessible and affordable to as many people as possible.
  • As a brand with a voice, we want to start relevant conversations that attract and guide people to understand fermented foods, to eat them daily and love them for life.

What’s the #1 most important thing at OMP?

To keep having fun.

Fun is a thrive state where we're laughing and connecting and not taking ourselves or this too seriously.  It means we’re loving each other, loving our customers, loving the food we make and loving life.

Good fun is the expression of love in the here and now.

And love can heal. It has that in common with fermented foods.