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Are Probiotic Supplements Better Than Probiotic Foods?

Supplements are everywhere so we assume that they work. A pill contains a concentrated amount of the exact nutrients we’re looking for. Logically, it would seem that supplements are actually better than food. But are they?

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What's the Difference Between Prebiotics and Probiotics? And Do I Need Both?

Pre and Pro? Nope, it's not a typo. As you embrace a healthier lifestyle, it's equally important to incorporate both prebiotics...

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How Do I Fix My Gut? Nine Everyday Habits To Improve Gut Health

You know your gut needs fixing, but where to start? If you’ve been asking yourself, “How do I improve my gut health?” or “How do I change my gut bacteria?” then stick around because we’ve got answers. We know making diet and lifestyle changes can be overwhelming, so let’s start with the basics.

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