Stuffed Avocados}

Stuffed Avocados


3 Easy Steps to Stuffed Avocados:

Pick, prep, and stuff your avocados with your favorite gut friendly fermented foods.

The combination of the healthy fat in avocados and the probiotics in fermented veggies creates a powerhouse of nutrition for your body.

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  1. Pick your favorite fermented veggies.

  2. Prep your avocado. Cut it in half. *If you are only eating half of the avocado, keep the pit in to preserve it’s freshness.

  3. Stuff your avocado with your fermented veggies. You can mix and match different veggies to create your unique flavor profile. Here we used a variety of Olive My Pickle fermented veggies including krauts, kimchis, pickles and Muffuletta Olive Mix.