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Are you eating OMP ferments on the regular?

Yes? Then it’s probably time to Subscribe & Save Big. If you’ve established your household munch rate and order on a repeat basis, this is for you.

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Benefits When You Subscribe & Save Big

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It’s Easy

Customize with your favorites, pick your delivery dates then set it and forget it.

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You Save Money

Save big on each order. Get the best deal we've got.

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Always Flexible

Pause or skip anytime. No contract, cancel if it doesn't work for you.

Forever... then Finally!

"I waited forever to subscribe and now I'm so glad I did! Seriously, my box shows up every month just in the nick of time. What took me so long to do this?

Mandy K.

Best Snacks for Kids

"My kids are more excited about the OMP box arriving than either of us. I come home from work and they've gotten it opened up, put away in the fridge and half the stuff is eaten! Seriously though, I'd rather have them eat this as snacks than anything else."

Lindsey H.

A Man of Few Words

"Got the Medium box. We like it pretty good."

Rodney H.

Get off the Fence

"The only way to buy ferments!! If you're on the fence, just get off it because you know you want these amazing pickles. I get 12 sent to my house and I send a 6 Box sent to my mom every month."

Linda S.

How does Subscribe & Save Big work?

  • 1

    Pick your favorites.

  • 2

    Save big.

  • 3

    They get delivered when you want.

  • 4

    Text reminders keep it easy to manage.

Subscribe & Save Big FAQs

How do I Subscribe & Save Big?

First, choose the right size box for your household. 

Second, pick your product selections. Third, choose the frequency you wish to receive your box. Your future orders will automatically trigger upon that frequency. You can access your account dashboard through our easy portal to change your selections and dates anytime. 

Subscription is not a contract or membership program. You can pause, skip or cancel anytime. If you have any questions along the way, contact us at hello@olivemypickle.com, we’re happy to help.

Who is Subscribe & Save Big meant for?

A subscription is best suited for those who have already ordered at least once from Olive My Pickle. It’s optimal to establish your household’s consumption rates of fermented foods, and understand which ferments you like best. Once you do that, subscribing is the best way to stay stocked up while saving money.

Should anyone NOT subscribe?

Yes. If you haven’t ordered from us yet, but are considering a purchase, we discourage you from subscribing on your first order. 

Some folks will do this simply to get the discount. Their intention is to cancel directly after ordering. The problem is that they sometimes forget to do this. When their next order triggers and ships, they are not happy with themselves or with us.

If you’re a first time customer, WELCOME– we’re so glad you’re here! Please use the code WELCOME10 for 10% off your first order of three items. After that Buy More and Save for an even better discount!

Will I get a heads up before my scheduled order is about to happen?

Yes. When you check out, you’ll have the option to click a box to agree to receive text alerts about your subscription. Please opt in to receive these text updates. 

We’ll also email you ahead of time. You'll need to whitelist our email address so they don’t go to spam. You’ll get a Welcome email directly after you order.

What are the perks of Subscribe & Save Big?

You’ll receive a big discount with every order, it's the best deal we’ve got.

If I subscribe will I miss out on promotions and sales that have better offers?

At OMP, we  run just a handful of promotions each year and we never “price slash.”

Some companies will inflate their everyday retail prices, simply so they’re price-positioned to offer a deep discount and run sales on a continuous basis. Oftentimes, their sale offers are better deals than their subscription prices, which means their most loyal subscription customers get the short end of the stick.

We operate a little differently here at OMP. We keep our everyday retail prices as low as possible, give a better discount when you Buy More and Save, plus we offer free freight on every order. The subscription deal exists so our loyal, repeat customers can enjoy a discount while supporting their healthy habit of eating ferments on a daily basis.

The OMP Difference

  • We’re a small, local, family business.

    Starting in 2010 by selling pickles and olives bulk-style from barrels at the local farmers market, we’ve since exploded into a mammoth online pickle empire!! JK, we’re still pretty small.

  • We care about quality ingredients.

    Whether it's locally sourced veggies from our farmer-friends here in the Southeast, or pure, high mineral Mediterranean sea salt, we source the absolute best we can find.

  • Seasoned fermenters, possibly even OGs.

    We've been making ferments and hearing what our customers have to say at Saturday farmer’s markets for 12+ years and we're still going strong.