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The founders of Olive My Pickle

A note from the Founders

Thanks for digging deeper! We obsessively passionate about our business and love the chance to share more about ourselves with curious friends and fans. 

Prior to venturing to the Unites States, Shai grew up in Israel, learning fermentation in his Grandmother Ester’s kitchen. I’m a native of Northern California and growing up in an area so culturally oriented to natural food has been a major influence.

Our paths collided when we met while backpacking through Brazil. It’s been non-stop adventure ever since. We got married in 2001, settled in Jacksonville, Florida, and are currently on the most intense leg of the journey yet: parenthood.

2010 was the year we launched Olive My Pickle, combining Shai’s old-world fermentation knowledge with my background in corporate sales and marketing. We started by selling fermented pickles and brined olives at the farmer’s market in Jacksonville. Along the way we identified the focus of our business (fermented pickles, kraut and kimchi) and today we continue to evolve at retail and online.

We value eye contact, connection and communication with our fellow humans. With a shared bend towards risk taking, we'll try It while leaving idealism on the table. We want OMP to be a ‘salt of the earth’ business and generally be regarded as people that add flavor to our local community.

We’re grateful to our family for their love and support, to our kids for their patience and to our customers that teach us continually to be better.

Thanks for reading and please stay connected with us by signing up to get our e-newsletter, The Digest.

Love, peace + pickles,

Charlotte and Shai (pronounced like ‘shy’)

Core Values

Stay Small

Small isn't a size, it's an attitude. Small means that we stay close to our business as it grows. Small means it doesn't get away from us or go to our heads.

Stay Smart

We’re curious and we like to read up on what’s new in the fermented + probiotic world. From research to new recipes, we strive to know our stuff and to be a credible source of information. 

Stay True

True means being open + honest in all we do, a standard that applies equally to relationships, business and food.

Stay Grateful

Everyday, no matter the challenges, we’re thankful that we're authoring our own lives.

Stay Fun

There’s never a dull moment on the front line of small food. We keep the pickles positive with plenty of music and a dearly held belief that life is a creative adventure.

Our Team

Dan the Creative Sage

Dan is an exceptionally talented guy and about as smart as they come. He’s in the OMP kitchen most days, leading the charge in all aspects of the operations: fermenting, grinding hummus, shredding cabbage and most importantly adding to the brain trust at OMP. When he’s not in the kitchen he assumes the role of resident rockstar company photographer.

image of Kate the Golden Hearted

Kate the Golden Hearted

Kate is a human being of such fine caliber, that her employers ask themselves how they ever became so lucky to have her. She’s passionate about healthy living and helping others. She’s kind, contentious and always cheerful while on the job. She also has a wicked sense of humor. Her contributions as In Store Product Demonstrator are so appreciated by our customers, that they’re constantly reporting all of things she does right back to HQ.

image of Tricia the Badass

Tricia the Badass

Tricia brings an A game on Saturday to the Fernandina Beach farmer’s market that includes enthusiasm and a big smile. She’s so high energy that she rises every day at the insanely early hour of 4 am, pretty much making her a perfect candidate for farmer’s markets. Tricia’s a member of a top world-ranked roller derby team. Her derby moniker? Nothing less awesome than (yes, it's true) Spankin’ Pickle.


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