What We Do

Hi and welcome. We're Shai and Charlotte, the husband and wife team behind Olive My Pickle. 

Gut health awareness has grown so much in the last 5 years and the health benefits of real, fermented foods are becoming more widely understood. But as people begin to seek out "probiotic pickles" they realize how hard it is to find real ones!

A handful of hyper local fermentation companies exist (we're friends with many of them) and we all know about our ONE OPTION of "fermented" pickles available at mass grocery stores (hint: rhymes with Lubbies.) 

America is indeed a fermented pickle desert. Until now. At Olive My Pickle, we've been honing our ferment skills since 2010, and today we offer a variety of over 35 pickles, kraut, kimchi, olives, veggies and brine. We have a 'favorite ferment' for every member of your family. And we deliver nationwide, so access to a wide variety of delicious live culture ferments is no longer an obstacle. 

Our customers are pretty stoked. Now they can keep their fridge stocked with healthy ferments maintaining their best gut ever, while saving time for the one thing that matter most: more screen time.

Just kidding.

It's family of course. 

Quality time with family is the most important thing and yes, front door delivery of fermented pickles gives you more of that. 

Peace + Pickles,


How We Do It

We Stay Small

Small isn't a size, it's an attitude. Small means that we stay close to our business as it grows. Small means it doesn't get away from us or go to our heads.

We Stay Smart

From microbiome research to new recipes, we strive to know our stuff and to be a credible source of information. 

We Stay True

True means being open and honest in all we do, a standard that applies equally to relationships, business and food.

We Stay Grateful

Thanks be for friends, family, and our awesome community of customers and fellow local food producers that keep us going strong.

We Stay Fun

There’s never a dull moment on the front line of small food. We keep the pickles positive with plenty of music and a dearly held belief that life is a creative adventure.


Why We Do It


Our Mission at Olive My Pickle is to raise the collective health of our world by spreading awareness about the healing role of fermented foods in gut health.