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The Process: Lacto-Fermentation

The oldest-known food preservation method, lacto-fermentation (or simply ‘fermentation’) is how our ancestors made it through tough times, preserving their food with maximum nutritional impact. The fermentation process is different than ordinary pickling because it uses salt – and not vinegar or sugar – as the preserving agent. The results is a delicious tasting pickle and the creation of naturally occurring healthy bacteria called probiotics. Eating probiotic-rich food is known to support and boost the health and effectiveness of your body’s microbiome.

The Result: Probiotics + Microbiome Health

The microbiome is the vast colony of good bacteria within your body, most of which lives in your digestive system. Scientists are only just beginning to understand how pivotal the role of the microbiome is to our health. We’ve known that the microbiome regulates gut health and immunity, but recent findings show its influence in other many other areas such as body weight and appetite control, asthma, autism, cancer, mental health and emotional wellness—to name a few.

Probiotics + Microbiome Health

The Probiotic Lifestyle

Sustained habits based on values are what define lifestyle. A probiotic lifestyle is simply eating probiotic-rich, whole foods every day, preferably with each and every meal. This sustained habit, based on valuing good health, starts with knowledge. Our mission at Olive My Pickle is to provide that knowledge, all in one place, delivered in a fun, simple and credible way, educating our online community on the value of probiotic-rich foods and the value they bring to life and health.

Our blog is full of information about the process of fermentation, the benefits of probiotics to the microbiome and tips on how to integrate probiotic-rich food into each meal. Our online store offers a variety of probiotic-rich pickles and healthy olives to help support and sustain both your gut and your good habits.