From Humble Beginnings

Launched in 2010, Olive My Pickle’s humble beginnings started with selling fermented pickles and brined olives bulk-style from large, wooden barrels at farmer’s markets in Jacksonville, Florida. The enthusiastic response of the local community encouraged owners Shai and Charlotte Tzabari to continue. Honing their lacto-fermentation skills, they developed their products for sale at natural food retail stores.

Holding to Traditions

Shai’s passion and knowledge of fermentation was handed down from his grandparents who immigrated to Israel during WWII to escape the holocaust. They brought their old-world kitchen traditions with them, teaching Shai salt-water brine fermentation-- the practical way to preserve the garden’s bounty of fresh vegetables.

Always Improving

Today, new scientific research is continually showing us more about the incredible health benefits of fermented foods. From kraut to KimChi to cucumber pickles, consumer demand for live, raw, probiotic-rich pickles keeps the Olive My Pickle kitchen busy and bubbling. The company is committed to a triple bottom line approach, valuing people, planet, and profits equally as it grows in size and scale.

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