10 Ways to Avoid Bloating This Summer with Gut-Friendly Fermented Foods}

10 Ways to Avoid Bloating This Summer with Gut-Friendly Fermented Foods

It’s officially summer and time for fun in the sun, beach outings, barbecues, and outdoor adventures! However, nothing can ruin the enjoyment of these activities quite like the uncomfortable and often embarrassing sensation of bloating.  

Bloating isn't just an inconvenience; it’s downright uncomfortable and can put a damper on your plans. Overeating or eating the wrong thing can lead to physical pain, remorse, and even a food hangover the next day.  

Understanding how to get rid of bloat (or better yet, prevent it from happening in the first place) can make your summer experience a lot more FUN, which believe it or not is the #1 most important thing at Olive My Pickle. Yes, even more than selling pickles! 

Keep reading to find out what causes bloat in the first place and 10 helpful tips to avoid bloating. We also share some inspo on how to easily incorporate our digestion-boosting fermented foods into your summer meals. 

Ways to avoid bloat this summer with gut-friendly fermented foods

What Is Bloat and Why Does It Happen?

Picture this: you’ve just had a big meal, maybe a little too big. You’re feeling full, but not in that satisfied way—more like your stomach is about to burst. Your waistband feels tight, and all you want to do is rip your pants off and lie down immediately. 

Bloating occurs when your gastrointestinal (GI) tract is filled with air or gas. This can result in a visibly swollen, distended belly and is often paired with discomfort, pain, and a feeling of fullness. Several factors can contribute to bloating, including: 

  1. Overeating: Consuming too much food at one time can overburden your digestive system, leading to excess gas and bloating. 
  2. Inflammatory Foods: At OMP we call these Gut Health Villains – more on that here. These foods can cause all kinds of digestive discomfort, so best to limit or avoid if possible.  
  3. Food Intolerances: If you have a sensitivity to certain foods, your body will struggle to digest them. This could be from lack of enzymes, which help the body break down food.  
  4. Low Digestive Aids: Stomach acid, enzymes and fiber are three important tools the body uses to break down food, absorb vitamins and minerals, and get rid of waste. When any of these are low, digestive issues like bloating are likely to occur. Our fermented pickles, olives, sauerkraut, and veggies are a great way to add extra fiber and enzymes into your diet.   
  5. Eating Too Fast: Believe it or not, digestion starts in the mouth with chewing! Saliva contains enzymes that start breaking down carbohydrates. When you eat too fast, it leaves too much work for your stomach, which can cause gas and bloating. 
  6. Gut Microbiome Imbalance: An imbalance in your gut bacteria such as SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth) or Candida can lead to poor digestion and gas production, contributing to bloating. 
how to get rid of bloat

How to Get Rid of Bloat 

To combat bloating, it's important to adopt both dietary and lifestyle changes. Around here, we believe eating fermented foods and other healthy habits is a lifestyle, not a fad or a phase! So, these 10 tips are strategies we recommend incorporating into your daily activities: 

1. Eat A Satisfying Meal Before Going Out 

Reason being, if your belly is full before you head out for fun in the sun, you’re less inclined to snack on foods that contribute to bloating. Healthy fats like avocados, nuts and olive oil will create a sense of fullness and satiety, helping you resist the temptation to snack on junk food later. By eating a meal rich in healthy fats, you stabilize your blood sugar levels and ensure you’re not reaching for the nearest bag of chips at the party. 

2. Avoid Gut Health Villains 

These are inflammatory foods that are difficult to digest, some even cause pathogenic gut bacteria to flourish. They add essentially no nutritional value and make the body work harder to detox and eliminate, likely causing bloating in the process. These Gut Health Villains include processed foods, artificial sweeteners, sugar, gluten, processed dairy, and booze. You can read more about these inflammatory foods in our blog about how to improve gut health 

3. Fermented Foods 3x Daily 

Incorporating fermented foods into your diet can be an effective way to kick bloating to the curb and support a happy and healthy gut. We recommend three servings a day because a steady flow of probiotic rich foods to your microbiome is the best way to achieve gut health with fermented foods.  

They’re loaded with live, beneficial bacteria that help balance your gut, improving digestion and reducing gas and bloating. They also contain enzymes that help break down food, reducing the likelihood of bloating. 

If you’re wondering how to get started with fermented foods, we have a whole blog post dedicated to this: Top 11 Probiotic Foods for Optimal Gut Health. Keep reading to see how we recommend incorporating our fermented vegetables into your summer meals! 

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4. Stay Hydrated with Electrolytes  

Drinking plenty of water helps prevent constipation and supports digestion, but hydrating with electrolytes can be even more beneficial.  

Olive My Pickle’s LiveBrine Pickle Juice are a superior alternative to sugary sports drinks. They provide essential electrolytes, such as sodium, potassium, and magnesium, which help maintain fluid balance in your body, reduce water retention, and prevent bloating associated with dehydration.  

Unlike commercial sports drinks, LiveBrine Pickle Juice products are naturally fermented and free from added sugars, artificial flavors, and colors, making them a healthier choice for hydration. 

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5. Try An Elimination Diet 

Elimination diets like Whole30 or Autoimmune Paleo can help identify foods sensitivities that cause digestive distress and bloating. By removing and then reintroducing certain foods, you can pinpoint which ones are problematic for bloating or other discomforts. All our products at OMP are Whole30 Approved and make for great snacks during an elimination diet.  

6. Consider Doing a Gut-Reset Fast 

Fasting for 24 hours can give your digestive system a much-needed break, helping to retore and balance your gut microbiota. During this time, you can consume certain fluids and electrolytes, which aid in the detoxification process and reduce bloating. Learn more about the 24-hour Gut-Reset Fast and other fasting times here.

7. Try Activated Charcoal 

Activated charcoal and be a useful detoxifying agent, particularly after a period of overindulgence of inflammatory foods and beverages. It works by binding toxins and gases in your digestive system, helping your body eliminate them which can get rid of bloat. Just keep in mind that it binds to everything! This means it could cause issues absorbing any medications and supplements. 

8. Exercise Regularly 

Physical activity helps stimulate digestion and can prevent bloating. Even a simple walk after meals can aid in moving food through your digestive system more efficiently. Regular exercise also supports overall health, so grab a friend and help each other commit to 30 minutes of movement each day! 

9. Practice Mindful Eating   

Mindful eating basically means slowing down and focusing on the eating process. When you eat, it’s important that the body is in a “rest and digest” (Parasympathetic Nervous System) state so it can focus on digestion.  

In today’s world everyone is in a constant state of “fight or flight” (Sympathetic Nervous System) and the body is going to prioritize protecting you from perceived stress over digesting food well. This creates a perfect storm for bloating to occur. 

To help the body calm down and be ready to break down food, take a few deep breaths before eating. Avoid distractions like screen time or eating in a busy and chaotic atmosphere. Focus on really chewing your food, which is where digestion begins. It sounds like a lot, but you should aim for chewing 20 - 40 times per bite! This practice helps put your body at ease, enhancing digestion and reducing bloating.  

10. Harness the Power of Momentum 

Once you start making healthy choices, it becomes easier to continue. Healthy eating, staying hydrated, and regular exercise create a positive feedback loop. You get addicted to feeling good, making you less inclined to indulge in foods that cause bloating and discomfort. This momentum helps maintain a balanced, bloat-free lifestyle.  

fermented foods at a summer bbq

Integrating Ferments into Your Summer Meals 

With lots of outdoor gatherings the last thing anyone wants is to feel bloated in a bathing suit. Because fermented foods are such a powerful tool to help with that, we want to make incorporating ferments into your life simple and fun!  

If you’re looking for the perfect summer side dish, we’ve got 9 recipes you’ll want to try. Here we’re sharing a few easy ways to include ferments in your summer diet to keep bloating at bay: 

Add Fermented Vegetables to Salads 

Top your favorite summer salads with our fermented sauerkraut, olives, or pickles. They add a tangy flavor and a probiotic boost. 

Use Sauerkraut as a Condiment 

This one feels like a no-brainer, as it’s already a beloved BBQ condiment. Swap out the traditional sauerkraut for our lab verified probiotic sauerkraut! We already know sauerkraut is the perfect topping for burgers, hot dogs, and sandwiches. It adds crunch, flavor, and with our Sauerkraut, the added benefit of beneficial bacteria. 

Mix into Dips and Spreads 

We’re big fans of incorporating ferments into dips like hummus or guacamole for a unique twist. It’s super simple and not only enhances the flavor but provides a nice combo of fats and ferments. Give one of our Two Minute Muffuletta Olive Mix Appetizers a try! 

Create Gut-Friendly Salsas 

Our Probiotic Pickle de Gallo is a refreshing and gut-friendly side dish that can easily be prepped ahead and perfect for summer barbecues and picnics.  

Snack on Pickles 

Keep our dill pickles or other fermented vegetables on hand for a quick, gut-friendly snack that’s easy to take on-the-go. 

fermented foods as a poolside snack

Say Goodbye to Bloat and Hello to Ferments 

Bloating can be a real damper on your summer fun, but with the right dietary and lifestyle choices, you can enjoy your favorite activities without discomfort. By incorporating gut-friendly fermented foods into your meals, you can support your digestive health and reduce the likelihood of bloating.  

From salads to salsas, our fermented products are a delicious and nutritious way to keep your gut happy and healthy. So, this summer, embrace the benefits of fermented foods and say goodbye to bloat! 



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