4 Secrets to a Gut Friendly Taco Night

4 Secrets to a Gut Friendly Taco Night

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If there’s one thing we don’t hear complaints about, it’s taco night. Everyone loves tacos, right?

But what if I’m trying to improve my gut health, can I still enjoy tacos?

We’re here with an absolute resounding YES! Taco night doesn't have to be a thing of the past, no matter where you’re at in your gut health journey. There are plenty of ways you can make tacos gut-friendly and still enjoy your favorite Mexican dish.

Read on to learn our tips and tricks on how it’s done.

4 Secrets to a Gut Friendly Taco Night

1. Skip the taco seasoning packet.

Store-bought taco seasonings are easy and convenient, but do you know what’s in them? These are likely to contain inflammatory additives, anti-caking agents and preservatives.

There are some clean options on the shelves these days, but you can always mix up your own seasonings instead. You can control what goes into your body with this simple tip. This is especially important if certain spices are a trigger for you.


Salad with guacamole and lime

2. Add probiotic pickle juice to your guac.

Taco night is not complete without the guac! We love to whip up some guacamole with fresh ingredients. All you need is avocados, onion, tomatoes, cilantro, jalapeno pepper, lime juice, garlic, salt, and sometimes we toss in some black beans too.

And here’s our healthy hack to make it even better: add a dash of LiveBrine Probiotic Pickle Juice for an extra boost of gut-healthy probiotics and hydrating electrolytes.

This makes your guac both prebiotic and probiotic—your gut loves this! (No wonder we can’t get enough of it.)

Gut Healthy Guacamole with LiveBrine Probiotic Pickle Juice

3.Opt for gut-healthy toppings like fermented sauerkraut or kimchi.

Now, here comes the fun part - taco toppings! Here’s some of our favorite toppings you’ll need for a gut-healthy taco night.

Gut Friendly Taco Toppings: Black beans, brown rice, Siete gluten free tortillas, Olive My Pickle Red + Ginger Sauerkraut, shredded chicken, avocado, and microgreens

Gut-Friendly Taco Toppings
  • Protein
    Keep your protein clean and lean for optimal gut health benefits.
  • Black beans
    Black beans contain a type of fiber called resistant starch. When digested, resistant starches produce butyrate, a short-chain fatty acid that has many gut health benefits. Learn more about The Best Types of Fiber for Gut Health.
  • Avocado
    Avocados contain good healthy fats and are a great source of fiber to help nourish the gut.
  • Guacamole
    See secret #2
    Gut Friendly Taco Topped with Sauerkraut and Microgreens
  • OMP Sauerkraut
    Real fermented foods are a good source of naturally-occurring probiotics that nourish your microbiome to promote a happy gut.
    Gut Friendly Taco Topped with Kimchi
  • OMP Classic Fermented Kimchi
    Kimchi is like the spicy version of sauerkraut. It’s another fermented food that’s a great source of good-guy probiotic bacteria that your gut loves.
  • Microgreens
    Microgreens are a powerhouse of nutrients and are high in prebiotic fiber, which feeds the good-guy bacteria in your gut.
  • Cilantro
    Cilantro is a natural digestive aid. It’s been shown to release digestive enzymes necessary in the digestion process.
Pro Tip

Eat the gut health trifecta of fiber, fat and ferments with every meal. Fiber means plants: eat lots of those. Fat enables your body to more easily absorb the rich minerals and nutrients found in ferments.


Gut Healthy Taco Bowl with Sauerkraut

4. Ditch the tortillas. Turn your tacos into a bowl instead.

Want to make taco night gluten-free and Keto-friendly? Gluten is hard on the gut even if you don’t have a gluten sensitivity. Avoid tortillas altogether, and add in some more greens and rice to make it a taco bowl instead. Plus, a bowl allows for more space to add even more veggies.

Pro Tip

Don’t want to miss out on the traditional handheld taco? Opt for gluten-free tortillas and shells (Siete makes some great options).


Are you ready for a gut-friendly taco night?

By following our simple tips for a gut-friendly taco night, you can enjoy all the deliciousness while keeping your digestive system happy. So what are you waiting for? Start planning your fiesta now! And be sure to stock up on all the fermented foods you need at olivemypickle.com.


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How to Eat Fermented Foods For Gut Health

How do I eat fermented foods for my gut health?

Our quick guide has the answers. Get 20+ meal ideas, tips, hacks and snacks for your best gut ever.

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