The BEST Dirty Martini Recipe}

The BEST Dirty Martini Recipe


Indulge in the ultimate martini experience with The BEST Dirty Martini Recipe, featuring Olive My Pickle's unique fermented olives. Our salt brined olives are the secret to crafting a martini that's truly second to none. This cocktail combines the richness of our handcrafted olives with the classic allure of a dirty martini. Elevate your cocktail game and savor every sip with this extraordinary recipe.


  1. Shake ingredients with ice

  2. Strain into a martini glass

  3. Garnish with additional olives on toothpicks and enjoy!

The OMP team loves to use the Almond Stuffed Olives for our dirty martinis.  Our salt brined fermented olives make a fabulous martini even better!  Try a different olive variety that fits your taste. We suggest Pitted Butter Olives, Red Pepper Stuffed, Jalapeno Stuffed, Garlic Stuffed, or Tangerine Stuffed. The Pickle My Olive's queen olives will give you a firm, crisp olive and that pickle flavor twist we know you love in your martini. If you ever wanted to find a perfect olive to stuff with blue cheese for your dirty martini, these olives would be perfect!