What do olives taste like at Olive My Pickle?}

What do olives taste like at Olive My Pickle?

Are you struggling to determine which olive flavor best suits your palate? Maybe you're looking to try something new for your next dinner party or you want to eat olives because they're so good for you!

Fear not, Charlotte, our co-founder, is here to guide you through the world of live culture, salt-brined, healthy olives offered here at Olive My Pickle. This is the same information that we tell customers at the farmer's market each Saturday when they came up to us and say, 'hey tell me all about your olive flavors.'

We take pride in offering a vast selection of fermented olives, each with their own unique flavor profile and texture. Live culture, salt brined raw olives are so very different than canned olives and so good for you.

From the mild and buttery Castelvetrano olives to the robust and tangy Kalamata olives, our olives are sure to tantalize your taste buds. So let's dine in so we can help you find your new favorite olive!

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What do olives taste like from Olive My Pickle?

Let's start with our best sellers: 

 Pitted Butter Olives 

Pitted Butted Olives

Butter Olives are our number one seller here at Olive My Pickle. Now the real name of Butter Olives is 'Castelvetrano' olives which are Sicilian imported green olives. The name is kind of a long, hard to remember, and hard to pronounce. So we've shortened it to "butter olives" because these fresh olives taste mild, slightly sweet and of course they boast that buttery flavor. They have a very crisp texture and are wildly popular.

If you don't know where to start, just start with our pitted Butter Olives You will not be disappointed!

 Garlic Stuffed Olives

Garlic Stuffed Olives

Our number two seller, is the Garlic Stuffed Olives. These are for the garlic fans, and are just so incredibly delicious. (Regular olive fans are gonna love these too.)

They're stuffed with a whole clove of raw garlic. Now, because the garlic has been fermented inside the olive, it has been mellowed. You get plenty of savory garlicky flavor but not like you're eating a punchy, raw garlic clove.

Perfectly balanced, delicious, stuffed in a very crisp queen green olive. Amazing. You can't really go wrong when you choose to order these!

 Greek Olive Mix

Greek Olive Mix

This olive mix is a little bit of everything you love about Greek olives. You'll see there is a light dash of Mediterranean herb dressing on the images, which adds to this blend making it very delicious.

Kids love these especially since there's no pits.

You'll recognize that there is Kalamata in there, but otherwise this is a mix of different colors and shapes of green and dark purple and brown table olives imported from Greece. Such a winner. 

 Healthy Olive Bundle

Healthy Olive Bundle - 3 Pack

We've made it easy for you by combining all three of these aforementioned olives into one healthy olive bundle.

 Big Healthy Olive Bundle

Big Healthy Olive Bundle - 6 Pack

This six pack bundle right here that has our other top sellers in it too. And you get two Pitted Butter Olives in that, its a weighted selection.

 Pickle My Olive

Pickle My Olive - no, it's not a typo ;-)

This is our newest addition to our olive collection! If you're familiar with our pickles here at Olive My Pickle, you know they include a few olives as garnish in each pouch.

We've taken those queen green olives and made them their own product, brined them in fermented probiotic rich pickle juice and added a tiny little fermented kosher dill pickle in there too.

It includes a little fun along with that fresh olive taste. You gotta try Pickle My Olive.

Butter Olives with Pits

Butter Olives WITH Pits

So, if you're questioning pits versus no pits it's really just a matter of personal preference. Some people like pits, although most people prefer olives without. Pits can help the olive hold its texture integrity and crispness.

Butter Olives are plenty firm and crisp without their pits, so you just do you! Whether you choose pitted or with pits, you be happy with either one.

Muffuletta Olive Mix 

Muffuletta Olive Mix

Muffuletta is a chopped mix similar to a tapenade made of our Greek Olive Mix plus our Veggie Medley of fermented cauliflower, red peppers and carrots (minus the cabbage) all marinated in extra virgin olive oil. This is so flavor packed and ridiculously delicious. It's a true savory treat.

You can use this as a spread or a dip on its own. Easily mix it with Greek yogurt or a sour cream to make a creamy dip. Some people mix it in with rice next to their chicken. There's a gazillion things you can do with Muffuletta Olive Mix, in fact, we have a lot of recipes on our blog. This is one to have on hand at all time since it's so easy to use and add to your any get together or dinner party.

Kalamata Olives 

Kalamata Olives

Most people are familiar with the deep purple Kalamata olive. It's kind of a classic olive commonly found next to feta cheese on Greek salads everywhere. Our Kalamatas do not have pits.

Our Kalamata Olives have a tangy, nutty flavor but they're not too salty. Some grocery stores sell kalamatas that are so very briney and salty. We feel that ours are the best of the flavorful tang you want from a Kalamata without that overly briney salt flavor. Try them for yourself and see the difference of what real salt brined Kalamatas taste like.

Red Pepper Stuffed Olives

Red Pepper Stuffed Olives

The beautiful thing about our Red Pepper Stuffed is the sweetness of the red pepper. This is not your average manzanilla olives or stuffed Spanish olive that you'll find on the grocery store shelf.

The olive itself is a bit bigger queen olive and very crisp making this olive of super high quality. It's a little bit sweet and a little bit salty and very, very good. Plus it looks classic and familiar. 

 Almond Stuffed Olives

Almond Stuffed Olives

Our Almond Stuffed Olive are as unique as they are delicious. It's a queen olive stuffed with a raw almond. The salt brine has softened the almond a little bit, but it still has plenty of crunch making this is a unique snacking experience.

You get the crunch and the mildness of the almond mixed with the with the olive and they are just delicious. Almond Stuffed Olives are kind of a house favorite around here at OMP!

 Jalapeno Stuffed Olives

Jalapeño Stuffed Olives

The title says everything, but we will tell you that these are not crazy hot. Heat from jalapeños mostly come from the seeds. Since these olives are stuffed with flesh of the pepper, they don't have a ton of heat. With the fermentation process and adding salts into the equation, you're going to take the heat level down, as is the case with these Jalapeño Stuffed Olives.

They are warmer than our typical olives, of course, but they're barely a medium heat. We think they're they're pretty mild. And if you're curious, about Jalapeño Stuffed Olives, chances are you'll be able to handle the heat level just fine.

 Tangerine Stuffed Olives

Tangerine Stuffed Olives

Want to add one item to your next meat and cheese board that brings that fresh olive taste? This is the olive to do that for you!. The rind of the tangerines are slicked and stuffed into the olive. The olive used for this particular variety is not the same olive as our garlic stuffed or our red pepper stuff. This green olive comes from a different grove, is smaller and more oily so it's this delicious mix of like tart sweet salty.

We include the the Tangerine Stuffed Olive and Almond Stuffed Olives in our Holiday Olive Bundle.

So those are the olives we're going to talk about today. We've got a few more available in the shop. We will let you go off and explore those on your own.

Be sure to check out our blog, where we have all kinds of good information about the fermented foods we make and creative ways to eat them.

Green Olives versus Black Olives

When it comes to olive flavor, the difference between green and black olives is something that can't be ignored! Green olives tend to have a slightly tangy taste, (in the olive world, they are described as 'bitter') while black olives are milder and more savory.

This is because green olives are harvested before they are fully ripe, while black olives are left on the tree to mature and ripen. Due to their differing stages of maturity, green olives also tend to have a firmer texture and a more intense flavor, whereas black olives taste more mellow and are often softer.

Now that you know more about the diverse flavor profiles of our olives, it's time for you to take your pick!

Whether you're searching for something mild and buttery or robust and tangy, there is an olive out there just for you.

Try our olives in salads, on top of pasta dishes, alongside meats and cheeses, or as a snack by themself – the options are truly limitless.

Plus, our olives are loaded with vitamins and minerals, so they're better-for-you too! Read more about the 10 Health Benefits of Olives.

So why wait? Grab an Olive Bundle from Olive My Pickle today and discover your own personal olive flavor adventure!