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5 Uses for Leftover Pickle Brine

Posted by Olive My Pickle on

Oh man, you’ve reached the last pickle of our Kosher Dill Pickles! No more pickles but a jar full of brine.

No worries! There’s lots of other ways to savor every ounce of that pickle brine and flavor.  (And no, we're not just gonna tell you to drink it plain... although there are health-benefits to doing just that!)

Check out these 5 unique uses for your leftover Olive My Pickle brine:

Use as a Meat Tenderizer

Yes! Pickle brine makes a great meat tenderizer. Slip a few steaks in a bag and combine with some pickle juice, spices, and a bit of oil. The brine contains special enzymes which can break down the cell walls of meat quickly.  Let the meat soak for an hour or so and prepare it either on the grill or on the stove. It adds a great flavor dimension as well.


Pickle Your Own Pickles

Create your own pickles using our pickle brine. Our brine can be used as a marinade for small vegetables that we recommend to slice like radishes, cucumbers, or bell peppers. You can pickle almost anything, so why not experiment? Although they won't be fully lacto-fermented, the brine will continue to contain live cultures and enzymes as long as it's refrigerated. 

Add to Boiled Potatoes

Looking to jazz up your mashed potatoes? Add a bit of pickle brine into the water with the potatoes. It’ll add a great flavor and provide some salt as well.

Use In Your Garden

Pickle brine isn’t just for consuming. Try sprinkling some of the brine on weeds as a natural repellant. The salt in the pickle brine sucks up the moisture from the weeds and kills them without the use of any harmful chemicals.

Use In Your Drinks
Heard of a Pickleback? Take a shot of whiskey and immediately follow with a shot of pickle brine. You can also swap out pickle brine for olive juice in your favorite martini.

So save that jar of pickle brine and make something new. Help your garden, make a new batch of pickles, or serve it in a cocktail. Yum!

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