Look what just got easier at OMP...}

Look what just got easier at OMP...

This week we did something BIG to help your experience shopping with us. 

There's THREE really awesome things that are different now.

#1 AWESOME THING : Building Your Box 📦 of Ferments just got easier!

All your ferment choices are in one place. No need for flipping back and forth between pickles and olives.  Just one simple page does it all. 

#2 AWESOME THING: Easy Bundles really do make things easier! 

Adding a bundle now adds all those items at once to your box - and guess what... you can even make changes if you want.

#3 AWESOME THING:  Choose Your Frequency with ease.

This is for those of you who already LOVE ferments and want them in your fridge all-the-time.  Subscribe & Save by selecting how often you want your faves shipped to your door.

Here's a Sneak Peak of what you'll see: 


Check it out for yourself. 

Build Your Box Now.