4 Ways to Serve Sauerkraut on Hot Dogs, Brats and more!}

4 Ways to Serve Sauerkraut on Hot Dogs, Brats and more!

"Do I need to put that kraut on my hot dog, bratwurst or kielbasa?" This is the question we get time after time when new customers step up to the colorful Olive My Pickle barrels at the farmers market.

That's because most people think of sauerkraut as one of the condiments on the picnic table along with ketchup and mustard, at every summer cook out. 

We've previously explored why the old school sauerkraut falls short in comparison to its brighter and healthier fermented counterpart in our article, Is Sauerkraut Good for You?

In this article, we're going to show you just how to replace and redefine what using sauerkraut in your favorite hot dog meals looks like. Read on to discover healthy ways to serve hot dogs with sauerkraut!


hot dogs with sauerkraut

When it comes to tangy sauerkraut, many people immediately conjure up images of a vinegary, acidic, mushy gray cabbage. However, this well known grocery store sauerkraut is far from the only option available.

Here at OMP we're proud to make sauerkraut the way it's been done for thousands of years: through the process of salt water brine fermentation.

Sauerkraut is an ancient healing food that is fresh, raw and naturally fermented.  Fermented kraut not only tastes better, it’s also loaded with health benefits.

The benefits of fermented sauerkraut include:

  • Raw cabbage is a cruciferous, fiber rich vegetable.
  • Kraut is antioxidant-rich, high in Vitamin C and folate. 
  • Sauerkraut benefits digestion with its live cultures and enzymes.

table full of hot dogs and sauerkraut

Let's start by saying, sauerkraut is way more than a just hot dog topping.

Sauerkraut has so many creative uses, including in salads, on tacos, in a lunchmeat roll up, next to eggs. But because so many people correlate sauerkraut with hot dogs, we want to show you some fun ways to add kraut to hot dogs, brats and sausage and make them next level.

Here's 4 healthy ways to serve up hot dogs and kraut:

hot dogs with sauerkraut

1. Healthier Hot Dogs with Sauerkraut

Pairs well with Olive My Pickle Classic Caraway Kraut / Carrot + Dill Kraut

Who doesn't love a good hot dog? However, most of them are full of fillers and inflammatory ingredients. We're here to show you how to enjoy a healthier hot dog.

healthy hot dogs and franks

Finding healthier hot dogs

The good news is that there has never been more variety of BETTER hot dogs available on the market. 

Start your search by opting for all-beef hotdogs. This is a healthier and tastier alternative to the standard mystery meat puppy. 

Next, make sure you check out the nutrition information and the ingredient database to get clued in to what's in your hot dogs.

Pay attention to food preservatives such as sodium phosphates, sodium diacetate, sodium benzoate, sodium ascorbate, and sodium nitrite. 'Nitrate free' are words to look for. These added ingredients can make all the difference when it comes to finding your perfect specialty hot dog. 

We like these brands Applegate, Simply Nature and Teton Water Ranch. You can find them at most grocery stores, including WalMart, Costo and Aldi. 

hot dogs in buns with sauerkraut

Is there a perfect hot dog topping?

When it comes to hot dogs, fans know that the hot dog toppings are all part of the experience. There are so many options available that you could probably eat a different combination every day and never repeat the same topping twice!

Do you prefer yellow mustard or spicy brown mustard? Do you love sauerkraut as a topping or keep it simple with pickles or sweet pickle relish? There's no denying that there's something special about combining different flavors and textures with a hot dog on a warm, crusty bun.

condiments for hot dogs

We recommend choosing organic condiment options, which are widely available and even at Walmart. Read the labels and choose those without added sugars, high fructose corn syrup or seed oils.  For mayonnaise, choose one made with avocado oil rather than vegetable or canola oils.

healthy hot dog buns

Choosing the perfect bun:

When deciding which buns to pick, you have options! Pretzel buns, brioche, gluten free buns...ultimately, it is a matter of personal preference. Be sure to check the nutrition facts to make sure you're getting something a healthy option. Look for brand with clean ingredients which means no additional preservatives, sugars and additives.

When it comes to bread, we prefer brands that are non-gmo and organic if possible. Again, better options for buns has never been easier to find as mass grocery stores.

siete potato chips

Adding a side of chips

Chips and hot dogs are a match made in heaven, so we wanted to give a shout out to our friends at Siete Brand who make potato chips using avocado oil. Avoid potato chips that are made with vegetable and canola oil, which are highly inflammatory. 

 bangers and mash

2. Bangers and Mash - bratwurst, mashed potatoes and kraut

Pairs well with Olive My Pickle Red + Ginger Kraut

Bangers and Mash is a hearty yet simple meal to make at home. The name comes from the Irish tradition of sausages that would burst when cooked, hence the 'bangers'. The typical combo includes bratwurst sausages and mashed potatoes that when mixed together make the perfect comfort food dinner.

An old Irish tradition that never goes out of style, especially when you top off those creamy mashed potatoes with sauerkraut, which is not only good for your gut, but tastes amazing on top of those taters!

Our Customers Say

Mashed potatoes are their favorite food to top with sauerkraut. 

sausage and peppers with sweet potato fries

3. Sausage and Peppers, side of Sweet Potato Fries topped with Sauerkraut

Pair well with Olive My Pickle Heat + Spicy Kraut

This savory plate offers a flavorful combination of ingredients. Start with a hearty hoagie bun, topped with a juicy sausage and cooked peppers and onions. Then add the finishing touch of sauerkraut for extra zing.

Sweet potato fries make for an ideal side dish to contrast the acidic sauerkraut.

heat and spicy kraut on sweet potato fries
Pro Tip: Add Heat + Spicy Kraut to your fries! 

 kielbasa with sauerkraut

4. Kielbasa with Sauerkraut and Smashed Purple Potatoes

Pair well with Olive My Pickle Turmeric + Cumin Kraut

This delectable plate features kielbasa sausage, artfully smashed purple potatoes, and an array of fermented foods like pickles and kraut. Kielbasa, traditional sausage of Poland pairs well with the purple potatoes that are roasted, smashed, then finished in the pan.

We added a side of pickles and tangy fermented Turmeric + Cumin Kraut. This combination of colors and flavors creates an unforgettable meal that's just so easy.

Smashed Heirloom Purple Potatoes Recipe

A creative colorful side dish that will add a vibrant pop of color to your plate. Featuring heirloom purple potatoes, this smashed potato dish packs a slightly nutty flavor with garlic and rosemary to elevate the comfort food that is potatoes.


  • 1 pound heirloom purple potatoes

  • 2 tablespoons of melted ghee or olive oil

  • 2 tablespoons of butter

  • dash of garlic powder

  • dash of rosemary powder

  • Salt and pepper to taste

  • Parmesan cheese, grated (optional)


  1. Preheat oven to 400°F. Scrub the purple potatoes clean, then cut into small cubes. Place on a baking tray lined with parchment paper.
  2. Drizzle melted ghee or olive oil over the potatoes and toss with garlic and rosemary, to coat evenly. Roast in preheated oven for about 25 minutes or until golden brown, tossing occasionally for even cooking.
  3. Remove from oven and place on a cutting board. Using the back of a fork or mason jar, gently smash each potato cube until it flattens slightly but still holds its shape. Return smashed potatoes to baking tray and set aside.
  4. In a small pan, melt butter over low heat until lightly bubbling; season with salt and pepper according to taste. Stir the seasoned butter over smashed potatoes and gently toss to coat evenly. Sprinkle parmesan cheese over potatoes if desired.
  5. Serve warm as an accompaniment to your favorite sauerkraut entree! Enjoy!

four meals on table with bowls of sauerkraut

What makes our sauerkraut recipes so special?

Here at Olive My Pickle, we've been making kraut for 12+ years, and:

  • We source our cabbage form local farms here in the Southeast, which means only a day or two between harvest and ferment.
  • We use pure, high mineral sea salt which is full of minerals.
  • Our most traditional flavor is Classic Caraway Kraut, but we have four more amazing flavors of kraut. 

sauerkraut at olive my pickle

Our varieties of Turmeric + Cumin Kraut, Red + Ginger Kraut, Heat + Spicy, each have a distinct flavor profile and freshness that can’t be found in store-bought options of kraut.

Our fan favorite is Carrot + Dill for a reason. It's mild, crisp sweetness from the shredded carrot harmonizes with the savory notes of fresh dill. If you're wondering where to start, go with Carrot + Dill Kraut.

Sauerkraut, the perfect condiment for hot dogs after all!

Whether you prefer classic beef franks, brats, juicy kielbasa, or traditional sausage, sauerkraut offers amazing flavor that pairs perfectly with all four. There's no wrong way to serve it.

Sauerkraut is one of those super versatile ingredients that can take any meal from average to wow-worthy! With so many delicious ways to prepare it and custom create your own flavors, why not add kraut to your next hot dog night?

Ready to try some kraut?