Sardine Salad Recipe}

Sardine Salad Recipe



Sardine Salad - a healthier option than tuna

Yes & Here's why:

We all know that tuna is packed with protein and omega-3s and is a widespread go-to fish choice for a protein salad or sandwich. But did you know that overfishing has decimated tuna populations, and many commercial fishing practices are contributing to the further decline of these majestic creatures.

The other problem with tuna? It is a big game fish and contains high levels of mercury. For this reason, even the FDA website recommends that children and pregnant women limit their intake of tuna. Albacore tuna contains three times the mercury as other types and should be completely avoided. To read the FDA's recommendation, see our blog here. 

At Olive My Pickle, we are huge fans of sardines! The taste of sardines is similar to tuna, so it's already a flavor you're familiar with. These little fish are not only a sustainable choice, they're high in protein. Sardine salad makes a great addition to green salads and grain bowls. So ditch the tuna and give sardines a try, get them skinless and boneless if you're new to them.

Our recipe contains a lot of acid to neutralize that fish taste, including lemon juice, onions and pickles. If this recipe is too acidic, reduce the amount of any of these ingredients.


  1. Mix ingredients

  2. Serve with your favorite greens and veggies like organic tomatoes and avocados

  3. OR - serve on your favorite sourdough bread

  4. Top with FERMENTS! We like adding Kalamata Olives, Hot Sauce, and Pickles!